Statue Inscription

Statue Inscription - Artistic Rendering

(Artistic Rendering)

This sculpture serves as a reminder that even after graduating from Purdue, our experience is not over. Rather, we carry through life our numerous memories, friendships, lessons learned, and skills acquired. This sculpture encourages all Purdue students, alumni, and friends to treasure all that Purdue has blessed us with and to keep the Purdue experience close at heart, not only for ourselves but for all that we loved here and for all those students who, for various reasons, did not get the opportunity to complete the Purdue experience. In essence, the real Purdue is not simply the physical facility or the location of the University but the cumulative and lasting impact and wonder of our interactions with faculty, staff, other students, and all the events that occur during our time together. Once a part of the experience, we are all together eternally Purdue.

The Unfinished Block P statue